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Pet Lab Work Veterinary Service in Lima, OH

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Pet Lab Work

We provide comprehensive laboratory services, from blood chemistries to biopsies. Laboratory work is crucial to identifying issues and preventing future ailments. Our lab technicians have years of experience testing and reading results from our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

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Pet Lab Work

Every day at Heidt Veterinary Hospital, we use our in-house laboratory to assist in the diagnosis of our patients. Routine bloodwork can often reveal the first signs of illness, even before your pet appears to be ill.

Testing provides us with immediate insights that we would not have found otherwise. Early treatment of your pet can lead to a better outcome and lower treatment costs.

If a pet is displaying symptoms of illness, an earlier diagnosis leads to earlier treatment. This improves your pet’s chances of recovering quickly and with fewer complications. We provide comprehensive laboratory services at Heidt Veterinary Hospital, ranging from blood chemistry to biopsies.